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How to Make a Content Calendar for Social Media That Works

Are you striving for consistency together with your social media advertising? A top social media content calendar will be the missing element.

Creating a social media calendar is a easy system, however it can have some surprising effects.

Here’s how to speedy set up your social media content calendar and start leveling up your overall performance.

What Is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media calendar offers you a detailed overview of your upcoming social media posts.

This lets you be more strategic along with your content, keep consistency, and delight your target market on a ordinary foundation.

Your social media calendar can be as simple as setting out what dates you’re going to publish on, or it may be a lot extra specified.


Many a hit social media content calendars will consist of high-stage information that will help you get greater from every post:

Platform: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn.

Content-Type: Behind-the-scenes video, testimonial, product, and many others.

Date: Proposed schedule date.

Time: Proposed time table time.

Title: The identify of the put up.

Topic: What the publish is set.

URL: The URL of any hyperlinks you will use.

Visuals: A description of any visuals you need to apply.

This facts offers you an initial framework you can use to build out every put up.

Be careful whilst you are making plans, even though.


There’s a clear difference between a content material calendar and a content material plan. Generally, a content calendar will set out the dates and instances for your posts, while a content material plan will element the strategies and topics you want to use for your social media advertising.

Since those ideas are intently related, they’re often mentioned interchangeably—and may be integrated into one report.

To come up with a better idea of what to encompass, and in which, check this example of a content material calendar:

By taking a strategic approach together with your making plans, you may discover a social media content material calendar enables you shop time and be more powerful together with your social media advertising.

Why You Need a Social Media Calendar

Over 72 percentage of the U.S. Population use at the least one social media platform, so your social media advertising and marketing is actually essential.


The query is, how does a social media calendar suit in?

Let’s take a look at  of the maximum critical elements of social media marketing: expertise your target market and being constant.

If you don’t apprehend in which your target audience hangs out, what content they need to see, and how they eat facts, then how do you count on to attain them? It’s tough to hook up with your target market whilst you’re making social media posts at the fly, that is why a social media content calendar may be so valuable.


The other aspect that takes you a long way in social media advertising is consistency. It won’t seem like it, however this one is sincerely very hard to drag off. It’s now not clean to preserve coming again every day (or however often you submit) with top-first-class content.

It’s absolutely not possible unless you’re planning beforehand.

Whatever area of interest you’re in, there’s lots of opposition available, so that you want time to bring your ideas to life and make sure they’re flawlessly targeted in your target market.

Those aren’t the handiest motives to begin the usage of a social media content planner though. They also can assist you:

keep time


agenda posts

reduce mistakes

create extra cohesive campaigns

create a stronger emblem identification

run well timed campaigns that fit with vacations and sales promotions

song performance extra appropriately

The outstanding component is that absolutely everyone can begin the use of a social media content calendar proper now and use these blessings to enhance their social media performance.

6 Steps to Create a Customized Social Media Content Calendar

You don’t need any fancy software program to create an effective social media content material plan. All you want to do is open a spreadsheet and follow these 6 steps.


Step 1: Review Your Social Media Goals

Before you create any plan, you want a clear concept of what you’re seeking to acquire.

We all have some sort of intention for our social media posts, however it can pay to slender in in this and lead them to plenty extra implicit. When you recognize precisely what you’re running in the direction of, then it’s going to be a lot easier to come up with the content material that’s going to help you reap it.

Before you create your social media content material calendar, make certain you take a seat down along with your group and set yourself SMART goals (precise, measurable, workable, relevant, and time-certain).

It’s additionally vital to apprehend what KPIs you may use to degree your performance against these goals. For example, are you maximum concerned with followers, impressions, clicks for your web site, or something else?

Once you’ve were given surely defined dreams, and a manner for measuring your performance, then you definitely’re geared up to proceed.


Step 2: Audit Your Current Accounts

Now which you’ve got a clear picture of what success looks as if, it’s time to discover how you’re currently acting.

This facts is critical as it’s going to function your baseline. Once you have got this information, it’s a whole lot less complicated to check the adjustments you’re making and adjust your techniques accordingly.

You can upload a sheet for all of your KPIs in your social media content material calendar to preserve a watch in this and help ensure you’re constantly running to enhance your approaches.

Gather all applicable data and make certain it’s effortlessly available:


account details and passwords

specific desires for each platform

target market demographics

obligations of every group member

statistics to your maximum a success posts and campaigns

regions for development, gaps on your content material, poor consequences

platform-unique KPIs to degree destiny achievement

This would require a bit little bit of tough paintings, but it’s well worth it!


One of the main motives you’re growing a social media content calendar is to make sure you’re giving your audience the content material they’re looking for, and also you’ve got to apprehend your past performance to do this.

Step three: Choose What Social Platforms You’ll Use

If we went lower back a decade or so, this step would have been quite easy. There had been a handful of social structures dominating the scene, which made this question clean to answer.

Today although, there are masses of thriving social media platforms, every with its personal demographics. For instance, if you’re advertising and marketing to humans aged 18-25, you’re possibly going to should use special platforms than if you’re looking to reach the over 55s age institution.


Don’t get me incorrect although, they’re all on social media!

Fifty eight.Four percentage of the global populace is on social media, but how can you nice reach your specific target audience?

You don’t have unlimited assets, so that might mean focusing your efforts on a handful of structures. Bear in thoughts, that the ones platforms received’t necessarily be the biggest ones, they just ought to be the ones wherein your audience hangs out.

Check out the in-depth demographics within the photograph under and think about which platform might be the first-class healthy to your target audience.

As you may see, these figures range substantially, so it’s vital to decide where you want to be and whilst.


Step four: Outline How Often You’ll Post

One of the greatest blessings of a social media content material planner is that it helps you to be more constant, however the question nonetheless remains, how frequently need to you publish?

The solution will range for each business.

If you’ve were given a huge advertising group working on one of a kind elements like photographs, video, reproduction, non-public interactions with fans, and the whole lot else, then there’s no motive why you can’t post multiple instances a day.


However, in case you’re a one-guy crew running on every part of your business, then this probable isn’t realistic.

Ultimately, it’s about utilizing your resources to achieve a very good stability between pleasant and quantity. If you’re setting out poor content material that no person interacts with though, it’s no use to every person.

There’s no hard and speedy solution to this question, but the secret is maintaining a agenda wherein you may be consistent. Most algorithms (whether or not that’s Google, Facebook, or YouTube) cost consistency.

This is something you can be in entire manage of, particularly with an awesome social media content calendar.

Step 5: Decide What Type of Content to Post

It may be useful to break your posts down into categories to offer your target market a mix of different content kinds.

There are  guidelines which are popular for this and they could help ensure you’re imparting range in addition to making life a touch bit less complicated for your self.


The eighty/20 Rule

This rule facilitates you strike a stability between attractive your target audience and seeking to promote your products.

It states that eighty percent of your posts should be designed to engage, tell, and train, and the alternative 20 percent ought to be used to immediately promote your commercial enterprise.

People don’t pass on social media to be bombarded with promotions, so this formula enables you hit the proper stability of developing income whilst preserving a effective brand photo.


47.6 percentage of humans use social media to stay in contact with pals

36.Three percentage of people use social media to fill their spare time

35.1 percent of people use social media to examine news memories

31.6 percent of people use social media to discover content

You’ve got to figure out how your content material can healthy with those goals.

The Social Media Rule of Thirds

If you’re always posting the same form of content then it may fast get uninteresting. This is why many manufacturers use the Social Media Rule of Thirds for the duration of their content calendars.

In the social media rule of thirds, one-third of your posts promote your personal content material, one-1/3 percentage curated content, and one-0.33 share private interactions along with your followers.


Step 6: Audit Your Resources

The ultimate component you need to do before putting in place your social media content material calendar is audit your resources. How massive is your crew, and what capabilities do you have got available to you?

If you’ve got a crew complete of social media professionals, videographers, and content material creators, then your plans are going to be lots extra ambitious. However, you’ve also were given to put systems in area to deliver those humans together.

This is in which your social media content material calendar becomes even extra important.

When you’ve definitely set out your time table for the subsequent month, or maybe zone, then all of us can see what they want to work on.

Your creator can work at the reproduction, and your videographer and photograph fashion designer can paintings on the visuals, bringing everything collectively on time.


Social Media Content Calendar Template

The easiest manner to create a social media content calendar template is the use of a Google sheet.

Open up a new sheet, and split your calendar into weeks.

Use the columns at the top to set out your dates, and inside the rows, enter the following for each platform you need to put up on:

form of content material






This must assist you to create a fundamental template in only some mins. It have to look some thing like this situation of a social media content material calendar:

From here, you can build your social media content material calendar out as a good deal as you want, however, this should provide you with an amazing starting point.

If you have got a finances, you may take a look at exclusive challenge control structures like Trello or Airtable to custom-build your social media content material calendar. As you begin to use them, you’ll be able to spot traits, plan promotions, and much extra.

Social Media Content Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

What are the blessings of a social media calendar?

The blessings of a social media calendar are that it saves you time, lets you be more steady, reduces errors, and allows you to be extra strategical. This must assist you offer your target market with better content material and boom logo engagement.


Do I should have a social media calendar?

You don’t must have a social media calendar but it is able to be tremendously helpful. It’s hard to consistently offer your target audience first-rate content, and sometimes you want time to devise what you’re doing. Knowing what posts you have got developing gives you time to get your copy and visuals in place and tie them on your promotions.

What ought to my social media calendar encompass?

You can get as precise as you want with a social media content calendar. Some fundamental information to encompass is the sort of content, title, subject matter, hyperlinks, and visuals which can be wanted.

How do I create a monthly social media content calendar?

The simplest manner to create a social media content material calendar is in a spreadsheet. It’s very simple to installation, and you can have a functioning content material plan in only some mins.


Conclusion: How to Create an Effective Social Media Content Calendar

Creating an effective social media content material calendar shouldn’t be tough.

With a few simple Microsoft Excel competencies, you may create a content calendar that certainly outlines your method for the weeks and months to return. Not handiest will this assist you create higher content, but it’s additionally going to save you time.

Whether you’re a large social media crew or an individual marketer, an awesome social media content material calendar is going to make it a great deal less complicated to coordinate your efforts and make sure you consistently meet your target market’s desires.


Start doing this, and your social media advertising results are going to enhance dramatically.

How often do you put up to social media?


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